Here's Why Kansas City Metro Hates HOAs

This note offers insight into suburban life and maybe a reason why so many SUV drivers seem to be uptight and giving thoughtful consideration into van life.

Check out life under the opposite of Democracy for the local middle-class . . .

Lance Loewenstein, a local attorney whose practice centers on HOA fights, says that the rules and covenants that form an HOA are some of the strongest documents in our legal system because they usually require a supermajority vote to amend and “huge obstacles” to eliminate. Beyond that, those rules often allow the HOA to put a lien on the property and sell it in foreclosure for any amount due.

“Usually, the HOA definitely has the leverage because, ultimately, it can take your house away from you for unpaid fines and assessments,” Loewenstein says. He cautions home-buyers to look at the rules and “read with a fine tooth comb” before buying.

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Why HOA rules inspire such bitter fights around KC

A bitter fight over stormwater management and a duck pond shows what can go wrong with HOA covenants, which an expert calls "some of the strongest documents in our legal system." Read headlines in Kansas City for a while and you're bound to see nasty fights involving Homeowners Associations.