Fight TKC: Overland Park Farmer's Market Better Than KCMO City Market?!?

Think about this objectively given that we're merely asking for a comparison regarding ease of access, offerings and overall experience.

With so many old school denizens pushed out . . . KCMO's river market seem kinda generic nowadays whilst the Golden Ghetto is clearly stepping up their game. 

We're not posting this to trash talk on our town but to realize that COMPETITION should make everybody better . . . And Kansas City often, mistakenly, thinks that we're the only game in town.

Check-it . . .

"The complex at 7950 Marty Street was built in 1991. Despite discussions in 2017 to move the market, the city decided to keep the farmers’ market in its same location, but wants to explore improvement and expansion options."

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Town hall meeting Wednesday night to address Overland Park Farmers' Market improvements

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. - During a town hall meeting Wednesday night the public can provide feedback on a conceptual plan to improve the Overland Park, Kansas, Farmers' Market complex. The complex at 7950 Marty Street was built in 1991.