Evergy Ordered To Explain Spending

This power play has earned consideration from both sides of the aisle as we all start to worry about winter energy prices.

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“Evergy’s ratio of capital expenditures to depreciation and amortization has grown to a level that is 7% above its regional peers,” the report reads. “Additionally, Evergy’s 2022-2024 capital expenditure projections grew 8.70% over its 2021-2023 projections, whereas the capital expenditure projections of Evergy’s regional peers grew by an average of 3.38%.

“These trends are highly concerning to Staff. Evergy’s propensity over the last three years has been to increase its capital expenditure budgets higher and higher with every iteration. If this continues, we believe it will undermine the goal of achieving regionally competitive rates and reliable electric service, especially against the backdrop of general inflationary pressures being experienced throughout our economy.”

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Evergy ordered to explain capital expenses - in public - The Sentinel

Questions about capital spending by Evergy - Kansas' largest electric utility - came to a head Thursday as the Kansas Corporation Commission, which regulates private utilities in the state, requiring the company to explain its capital spending plan - publicly.

Evergy ordered to explain $1.2 billion spending increase

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Kansas Corporation Commission is requiring Evergy, the largest electric company in Kansas City, to explain a $1.2 billion increase in capital spending compared to projections shared by its Sustainability Transformation Plan last year. The , given Thursday morning, states the company must schedule an explainer workshop before Sept.

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