Even Pro-Cop Conservatives Fear Rampant 'Policing For Profit' In Kansas

It's important to be able to hold two thoughts in your head at once . . . Like how Super Troopers remains one of the funniest movies of the 21st century if it depicts a great many reasons to find humor in the imagined antics of law enforcement.

Meanwhile . . . Our right wing blogger pals share more perspective on police cash grabbing and how checks and balances are part of a healthy democracy . . . Check-it .  . .

"While it can be a useful tool for law enforcement, the problems with civil asset forfeiture are rife. Sometimes referred to as “policing for profit,” civil asset forfeiture has become big business, generating significant revenue for the state, local, and federal law enforcement agencies across the country."

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Institute for Justice report cites abuses of civil asset forfeiture - The Sentinel

The case of Richard Martinez, whose classic 1959 Corvette was seized by the Kansas Highway Patrol - which then spent years attempting to destroy the car as "contraband" despite admitting Martinez had committed no crime - is just one of the more obvious examples of issues with civil asset forfeiture in the Sunflower State.