Downtown Kansas City Stadium 'Owner's Rep' Almost Explained

Of course we're sure it's all above board and everyone's heart is pure. 

Misunderstandings are commonplace when we're talking about BILLIONS OF BUCKS at risk and the future of the economy inside the loop at stake given that HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS still hasn't created anything close to the sustainable renaissance we were promised by our long dead friend Steve Glorioso. Hint: Don't worry, nobody believed him either. 

And so . . .

We direct our attention to one of KCMO's top power players as he tries to explain why taxpayers are funding a new position to better communicate with billionaire ownership of the home team that has lost 87 games so far this season. 

Ponder that one whilst patiently waiting for trash pickup.

Check-it . . .

City Manager Brian Platt said he’s disappointed that the Royals haven’t communicated their vision or needs, or even which of many proposed locations they’d prefer.

“The biggest frustration that we’re feeling is that we haven’t been given a lot of information from the Royals directly. No one really knows what the plan is. No one knows what their intentions are,” Platt said.

To speed the effort, Platt hopes to hire Doug Bach, former Wyandotte County administrator, to work as a consultant or liaison between the baseball club and the city. Platt believes Bach’s experience in helping build Children’s Mercy Park, home of Sporting Kansas City, makes him a valuable ally.

City councilmembers complained they learned of the intent to hire Bach via a late night email. Platt explained there was no intent to deceive, and he tends to work late hours. Hence, the overnight email.

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KC manager disappointed with slow talks on Royals downtown stadium

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City is forced to play a waiting game for new development, including the future of a possible downtown stadium for the Kansas City Royals. That's what Kansas City Manager Brian Platt said Thursday. He told FOX4 he's not hearing directly from Royals ownership about the proposed ballpark development.