Congressman Cleaver: Fed Price Fixing Help Against Inflation Coming Soon

Just a quick caveat from TKC . . . There is mainstream discontent and fear that this federal spending legislation may not reduce inflation. It might actually make it worse.

Here's a hopeful word from a local politico . . .

"I share your frustration over the higher prices on everything from gas to groceries, and I want you to know that my highest priority is lowering costs for the people of Western Missouri. But today, I'm happy to report that help is on the way.

"Last month, Congress took a critical step toward lowering prescription drug prices, healthcare premiums, and home energy bills by passing the Inflation Reduction Act. This bill, passed by Congress with my support and signed into law by President Biden, will not only make a lasting impact on working families by lowering the cost of essential items Missourians depend on, such as lifesaving medications, health insurance, and energy to heat their homes, but it will also combat inflation by lowering our national deficit by roughly $300 billion, according to the House Budget Committee Majority."

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Emanuel Cleaver: Help is on the way thanks to Inflation Reduction Act

(From Fifth District Congressman Emanuel Cleaver) I have heard from countless Missourians about the challenges hardworking families are facing as the cost-of-living rises due to Putin's evil invasion of Ukraine, supply chain weaknesses caused by the global pandemic, and numerous other underlying factors.