And so the high hopes of this cowtown meet with inevitable disappointment once again.

This afternoon it's evident that the team is not a dynasty, they have been grossly overrated and might have just gotten lucky with their pre-pandemic Super Bowl win . . . What's worse is that Kansas City sports fans fight for glory days harder than anyone despite the universally accepted fact that clinging to the past might, in fact, blind people to the reality of their current situation. 

Her are the basics . . .

"The Week 3 contest was riddled with miscues and turnovers, which ultimately led to a stunning loss."

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Chiefs-Colts rapid reaction: Kansas City looked completely lost in Indianapolis

The game was over... until it wasn't. Over the hours ahead, we will find out more information about exactly what Kansas City Chiefs defensive tackle Chris Jones said to Indianapolis Colts quarterback Matt Ryan to cause an official to throw an unsportsmanlike conduct flag on a game-clinching, 9-yard sack - but regardless of what was said, Jones unpardonable decision led to Kansas City losing the game.

Twitter reacts to Kansas City Chiefs not-so-special teams

In a game in which special teams has looked anything but special already, the Kansas City Chiefs saved another odd gaffe for the fourth quarter in which they took the ball out of their best player's hands and/or withheld a solid attempt to go up by two scores for the sake of allowing Tommy Townsend to attempt a pass for a first down.

Chiefs lose tough battle over Colts on the road

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - The Kansas City Chiefs could not pull out a rough win in Indianapolis as they lose to the Colts 20-17 to make them 2-1 so far this season. In the first quarter after a three and out on the Colts' opening drive, Chiefs rookie Skyy Moore fumbled the punt for the Colts to recover on the five-yard line.

Chiefs can't take down the Colts, show serious growing pains in 20-17 loss

alright. Um, there are no injuries to give you, I will tell you that I didn't have our guys ready to go well enough and it's my responsibility to put our guys in *** lot better positions during that game and take advantage of that.

Patrick Mahomes gets into argument with Eric Bieniemy after passive game plan, prompting Andy Reid to step in

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes wanted to be more aggressive at the end of the first half. Mahomes got into a verbal altercation with Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy after the team slowed things down at the end of the second quarter.

Chris Jones Accepts Blame for Late Penalty Against Colts

One could write out a laundry list of reasons why the Kansas City Chiefs were defeated by the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday afternoon, so blaming one particular development or one player wouldn't be fair. With that said, a major contributing factor in the loss was a mishap by defensive tackle Chris Jones late in Kansas City's Week 3 loss.

Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes takes blame for offense's losing effort: 'It starts with me'

Every unit that makes up the Kansas City Chiefs deserves to feel at fault for the team's 20-17 loss at the hands of the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. But only one of the units is headed by the team's best overall playerr. Quarterback Patrick Mahomes came to his post-game press conference with noticeable disappointment.

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