Climate Change Kills Kansas City Coffee???

ACTUALLY, it's more likely that INFLATION is hurting biz and workers across the nation and it's fair to debate the monetary policy of the current administration and the Fed. 

However . . .

Arguing about beans and the weather in faraway places is more fun as election season moves closer and distractions abound.

Still, this not-so-fun fact resonates . . .

"The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics reports the price of ground roast coffee was $6.23 a pound for the month of August, the highest it’s been in 10 years . . ."

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Kansas City coffee shops battle rising inflation, climate change

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City coffee shops are adapting to the impact inflation and climate change have on the industry. Spokes Café owner Dan Walsh says costs to run his shop have dramatically increased since the start of the pandemic, coupled by inflation and supply chain issues.