Calculated 'Social Cost' Of Kansas Gambling Threatens To Hit More Than ONE BILLION

There's a tax for hoping against hope, bad habits and not knowing much about statistics. 

Ironically . . . Some of this cash goes to fund public education that's obviously not working to better inform the populace.

Here's a glimpse at the price that locals will pay in very real terms . . .

"In 2020, the National Council on Problem Gambling told the Kansas Legislature the estimated social cost of Kansas adult problem gamblers is $829 million a year, from gambling-related bankruptcy, divorce, crime and job loss. Using the same methodology, adjusting for inflation and the new population census, The Beacon found that problem gambling would incur an estimated cost of $1.126 billion for Kansas taxpayers, families and communities in 2022."

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Who loses - and by how much - with legalized sports gambling in Kansas?

With the arrival of legalized sports betting on Sept. 1, Kansans have a new way to gamble away their money. A few people will win, most will lose, but the house will always win. Just how much people will lose – and at what social cost – has those who try to help problem gamblers on edge.