Another Reason Why Kansas City Police 'Local Control' Lawsuit Stays Losing

This morning we offer a quick explainer and fact check which debunks the premise of just one (out of many) lawsuits confronting Kansas City law enforcement. 

Brief aside . . .

Someday we might look back and regret that one of the worst spikes in local violence coincided with a litany of legal action that sought power over police but very little practical interest in any effort to curb deadly violence on local streets during a historic murder surge.

But I digress . . .

Here's a quick insider quote on the "taxation without representation" argument against local police control . . .

For the sake of argument, let's say they win. That's completely unlikely and the law on police control has been solid for decades . . . But let's stipulate that some sort of legal fault was established. 

Well . . . All that would mean is that Missouri legislators would quickly move to correct that decision and continue with state control. 

The idea that KC leaders, lawyers or elected officials can bring about local control by way of a lawsuit isn't just unlikely, it's misleading.


It's a joke and an effort with very little basis in reality. 

If KCMO leaders want "local control" then let them put it on the ballot . . . Because the lawsuit strategy is a non-starter that won't do anything substantial and only serves to provide the illusion of progress on a hotly debated issue.

You decide . . .