Amid EPIC Crime Wave: Kansas City Hate Crime Task Force Studied

This town is quickly working it's way to yet another record breaking year for deadly violence.

What's the solution???

There's no new plan yet BUT fighting suspected intolerance amid a bevy of rising crime in general seems to be a priority.

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The Finance, Governance and Public Safety Committee approved seven changes to an ordinance Wednesday. They allow the chair of the Human Rights Commission to form a bias incidents task force, which can now include law enforcement.

"We've had quite a few upticks in religious incidents," said Andrea Dorch, director of the city's Civil Rights and Equal Opportunity Department. "We are not sure if it's a pattern of discrimination or if it's a pattern of incidents."

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Kansas City considers forming task force to study hate crimes

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City may soon have a new weapon in the battle against hate crimes. Supporters of a new ordinance say they're on the rise. On Wednesday, a Kansas City committee took the first step in establishing a task force to study the problem.