Amanda Atkins Op/Ed Calls Out Rep. Sharice Davids For Voting With Prez Biden 100%

She recently penned an editorial in the Star wherein she played nice.

This screed seems more genuine AND more people will read it . . . 

President Joe Biden has just proposed more federal spending, which will equate to even higher inflation and higher childcare prices. Unfortunately, Rep. Sharice Davids (D-KS) has a 100% voting record with Biden and has supported every one of his trillion-dollar spending bills, voting against the best interests of the working mothers in our district.

As a working mother who has juggled the demands of a full-time job and the difficulties of raising two now-teenage children, I have lived the pressure so many mothers in our community are feeling today. To help women reenter the workforce, we need to encourage policies that bolster the type of work women are pursuing, such as flexible and independent work, making it easier to achieve the work-family balance so many families desire.

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The secret to stopping inflation? Send in the women!

America is more productive and businesses are more successful when more women are in the workforce. Yet in the post- pandemic environment, efforts to get women back into the labor market have been limited. Since February 2020, the economy has experienced a net loss of nearly 822,000 jobs, with women accounting for 88% of those losses.