After Kansas Defeat: Will Republican Hardliners Flip On Abortion To Survive???

Grownups realize that politicos have to adapt or die.

Accordingly . . . Here's a sign that the abortion debate might be quickly evolving . . .

With midterm elections approaching, abortion has also served as a prime motivator for female voters across the country, especially among Democrats, and driving striking special-election successes for the party seeking to hold both houses of Congress.

According to a new survey by the Pew Research Center, 56% of voters say that the issue of abortion will be “very important” to them at the polls this fall, marking a significant increase from 43% in March.

Additionally, an increasing number of states, including Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, are seeing growing gender gaps among new registrants since the supreme court’s Dobbs decision, according to the Democratic data services firm TargetSmart.

As a result, Republicans are increasingly recognizing that the issue of abortion could cost them dearly at the polls as they attempt to gain control of the House and Senate.

The difficulty of shifting from gung-ho anti-abortion rhetoric to a more complicated reality for a lot of Republicans was starkly illustrated by Kansas’s referendum. The usually reliably Republican state voted to keep abortion protections in its state constitution, thus providing an unprecedented boost in red state America to the abortion rights movement.

“The vote earlier this summer in Kansas is a wakeup call to Republicans that not only are the most extreme abortion restrictions non-starters with voters but the whole issue has flipped as a Democratic motivation to head to the polls,” Republican strategist Barrett Marson told the Guardian.

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