Worsening Local Teacher Shortage Shifts Schools To Four-Day Week

In fact . . . The four-day work week is the new progressive global standard.

Here's the workplace experiment starting with youngsters . . .

"Chief among the needs for teachers were extra support and increased pay---and many districts are adjusting by shortening the school week. Around 135 districts statewide are implementing a four-day week to combat the shortages."

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Teacher shortages spurring 4-day weeks, hefty sign-on bonuses

KANSAS CITY METRO (KCTV) - The nationwide teacher shortage is forcing school districts in Kansas and Missouri to make some big changes, including 4-day weeks for some and hefty sign-on bonuses for new employees. The Missouri Department of Education and Secondary Education says there were more than 3,000 in-state teaching positions that had to be left vacant or filled by unqualified candidates last school year.

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Could Long Covid lead to the rise of a four-day work-week? | Greg Frey

longside being constantly exhausted, in pain and out of breath, one of the hardest things about having long Covid is finding self-worth outside the world of work. I'm one of nearly 2 million people in the UK and 20 million in the US now facing this challenge.

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