Upcoming Kansas City Fed Meetup Examines Post-Pandemic Economy

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"This year’s theme will explore the emergence of economic constraints during the pandemic and how supply considerations have returned to center stage. Bottlenecks and shortages have limited economic supply even as historic levels of fiscal and monetary accommodation have led to a surge in demand, resulting in an imbalance that has pushed inflation up globally. Additionally, the extraordinary and often innovative global policy response to the pandemic invites questions on what constraints bind macroeconomic policy, such as concerns over fiscal sustainability and the ultimate size of central bank balance sheets."

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Kansas City Fed's Jackson Hole Symposium to focus on constraints

Download Article KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI - The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City will convene its annual Economic Policy Symposium, Aug. 25-27 in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. The 2022 event, which marks the symposium's 45th year, will focus on the theme "Reassessing Constraints on the Economy and Policy."