Tyreek Hill Trash Talk Vs. Kansas City Chiefs & Jackson Mahomes

In a recent string of interviews, it's clear there is still a great deal of animosity against the Kansas City Chiefs from the fastest man in the NFL. 

First and foremost . . .

Tyreek Hill doesn't seem to feel like the Chiefs offered him much respect when they parted ways. 

A recent quote . . .

    “And a lot of guys when they get paid, they stop wanting to get better,” Hill told OutKick’s Armando Salguero. “And I feel like when the Kansas City Chiefs traded me I kind of took that personal. So now what really motivates me is I feel like they basically just threw me to the side, like I was trash or something.

    “I take so much pride in this game and wanting to be the best and wanting to help my team win and have as much success as I can to where I’m not going to let it happen. I’m not going to be another guy who gets the bag and just stops working.”

But the fun doesn't stop with tragic comparisons about front office treatment . . . 

This social media juxtaposition is also worth considering as it joins in mocking the least favorite Mahomes amongst local football fans: 

During a visit on the BS w/ Jake Paul podcast, Hill was asked by Paul’s girlfriend Julia Rose if he would handcuff himself to Patrick Mahomes’ brother Jackson for another Super Bowl win.

Rose asked Hill, “Would you get handcuffed to Jackson Mahomes?”

Before she could finish the question Hill responded by saying, “oh no, no, no, no way.”

After Hill asked for some clarification, Rose finished her question, “for 24 hours to win another Super Bowl?”

Hill responded, “I ain’t even going to cap to y’all. That Super Bowl can god d*mn wait.”

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