Trudy Busch Valentine Celebrates Kansas City Campaign Office Grand Opening

Tonight we notice an heiress from one of the best beer families in the U.S. making new local friends and bringing her game to Midtown Kansas City.

Here's the word from a local rising start . . .

“Proud to welcome Missouri’s Democratic nominee for the United States Senate, Trudy Busch Valentine to Kansas City!

For folks who support my work and know that I’m not going to get on here and lie to y’all—I’ll be honest, Trudy wasn’t my first or even second pick in the primary. What I do appreciate about her is her willingness to be taught on the issues and listen because like it or not folks, candidates are people and people aren’t perfect. The task ahead to flip this seat is a big one. It’s going to take every democrat—and then some to win.

Moving forward, I plan to support her because of the issues and communities I care about. From codifying reproductive freedom to protecting same sex marriage to finally passing the Equality Act that sits in the senate—that is why we must all back Trudy Busch Valentine!”

It was important to read Justice Horn sharing some honesty about the process and the odds stacked against the Democratic Party challenger.

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