Tragic Life Lessons: Show-Me Hookers Helping Hookers Obtain Abortions

It's nice to have colleagues  . . . However . . . Friends might not always have best interests in mind when politics come into play.  

Also . . . No judgement BUT taking advice from somebody selling the use of their body to strangers is a risky proposition.

Here's a tragic local example of desperation amongst women which is less than inspiring even if it's practical . . .

"Abortion-rights advocates say grassroots groups are essential to helping people who need abortions access them. Sex workers in Missouri are now mobilizing to help each other access out-of-state abortions."

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Missouri sex workers organize to protect their community's access to abortions

On a busy corner in Wellston, volunteers recently passed out essential items - including bottled water and cellphones - to people in need. Under one tent, sex workers Miyonnee Hickman and Esmeralda, who uses the name for work, fill bags with condoms, pregnancy tests and emergency contraception.