Tik Tok Car Theft Tips Help Kansas City Crooks

Knowledge is power and it seems like there's a bit of hope for "distance learning" amongst the local criminal class.

Check this tech tip that might've cost a local lady her transportation . . .

Her entire back window was knocked out, and plastic that goes over the ignition was removed and damaged

The way her car was broken into is similar to Tiktok videos where people demonstrate how to start a car without a key using only a screwdriver and USB phone charger.

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Tik Tok trend may be the cause for Kansas City woman's attempted car theft

It's a viral trend on TikTok that has many KIA and Hyundai owners worried their car could be next. "It was like 'what in the world? Why is there glass in my car?'" said Katie Davila, whose car broken into. It came as a shock for Katie Davila when she came out to her KIA Monday morning.