Starbucks Workers In Overland Park Lash Out Against Alleged Union Crackdowns

Protest continues at a metro collective bargaining hotspot for angry baristas. 

Meanwhile . . .

The sordid topic of corporate coffee unionization has faded a bit from the radar after a recent crackdown silenced many organizers. 

However, here's a glimpse at local support for the ongoing dispute . . .

Starbucks stores throughout the country have seen an uptick of unionization in response to poor working conditions, unfair labor practices and union busting efforts, according to workers. And in the midst of this process, some employees say they feel undervalued by Starbucks, including workers in Kansas and Missouri.

“We’re just fed up with all of it. It’s really frustrating. So we’re using our right to strike and taking advantage of that out here today,” said Katie Kreutzjans, a barista at the Overland Park location.

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At the first Kansas Starbucks to unionize, workers still fighting for 'bare minimum'

The Overland Park location became the first store in Kansas to unionize, with a 6-1 vote on April 8, although all seven of the votes have been contested by Starbucks.