Show-Me Weed Forgiveness Ballot Issue

In much the same way that weed causes users a great deal of short-term memory loss with prolonged & repeated use . . .

Here's a glimpse at an even more promising form of absolution . . .

Missouri voters would be the first to spearhead what’s called automatic expungement on their own, said John Payne, the campaign manager for the push to legalize recreational marijuana.

Payne said the goal is to allow people with pot-related convictions to “reclaim their lives.”

“This is going to allow those people to live more full and complete lives,” he said. “That also helps society at large, because they’re essentially being somewhat locked out of the economy and productive lives by that burden. We’re going to remove that for them.”

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Missouri voters to weigh forgiveness for past weed crimes

COLUMBIA, Mo. (AP) - Missouri could become the first state to pass a voter-led effort to require courts to automatically forgive past marijuana crimes as part of a constitutional amendment to legalize recreational pot on November's ballot.