Show-Me Trudy Bush Valentine Chances Against Missouri GOP?!?

Despite a flurry of texts and last minute campaigning . . . The Pentagon wasn't able to push through Lucas Kunce. 

Trudy Busch Valentine might not be a strong choice for Missouri Democrats but at least she's from here and willing to sacrifice her own cash in her long-shot campaign. 


Our silly TKC consideration . . . 

She's gonna be fine no matter how this thing turns out and the real bright side here is that Missouri Democrats aren't going be able to hound their constituents for money with an heiress at the top of the ticket.

A quick summary of last night's beer family winning . . .

Busch Valentine defeated 10 other Democratic challengers, including Lucas Kunce and Spencer Toder.

The Anheuser Busch heiress and nurse has no experience as an elected politician but has been a large fundraiser and philanthropist. She has largely self-funded her campaign.

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Exclusive polling has Schmitt, Valentine squaring off to replace U.S. Senator Blunt

ST. LOUIS (KMOV) - Polling conducted a week before the Missouri primary has Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt and Trudy Busch Valentine as the top picks to square off in November to replace outgoing United States Senator Roy Blunt.

Busch Valentine, Schmitt win primaries, advance to general election with Independent John Wood

The Republican and the Democrat will also face a challenge from a well-funded independent, John Wood, who has the financial backing of former Sen. John Danforth. COLUMBIA, Mo. - Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt won the Republican primary for U.S. Senate on Tuesday with surprising ease, ending months of worry among GOP leaders that scandal-scarred former Gov.

Missouri GOP Primary: An Awkward Ending to an Embarrassing Race

Last night, Eric Schmitt won the Missouri GOP primary for the state's U.S. Senate race. The state attorney general and proud blowtorch owner will face off in the fall general election against Democrat Trudy Busch Valentine-"Busch" as in the famous Missouri-based brewer-and independent John Wood in the race to succeed Roy Blunt, who is leaving Congress after a quarter century.

St. Louis Voters Keep Cori Bush as Missouri Democrats Choose Anheuser-Busch Heir

Rep. Cori Bush sailed to a comfortable reelection Tuesday night, sending a message that St. Louis Democrats are happy with their nonconformist representative. Her victory marks a win for progressive incumbents in an election year that has seen them embattled by outside spending and little supported - if not outright opposed - by the party establishment.

Trudy Busch Valentine wins Missouri Democratic nomination for U.S. Senate

Trudy Busch Valentine entered the race late, but aided by her family's name recognition and wealth, rode to victory in the Democratic primary for U.S. Senate on Tuesday. The nurse and an heir to the Anheuser-Busch fortune won the nomination with 43% of the vote in nearly complete totals reported Tuesday night.

You decide . . .