Show-Me School Daze Redux: Survey Seyz Spanking Is Racist

This Missouri story continues to circulate around the globe and whilst TKC objects to the practice of hitting youngsters for a lot of reasons . . . For anybody who knows the political leanings of this state, it's obvious that making the issue into a social justice struggle isn't going to convince a lot of people. 

Meanwhile . . .

Across the board, it's kind of hard to take people seriously when they opt-in/ask strangers to hit their youngsters.

Here's another, less convincing take . . .

"Corporal punishment is more likely to be allowed in southern states, particularly in districts in poorer, rural areas and with a high proportion of Black children. She added that districts that allowed corporal punishment were also located in Republican-leaning area that are also more evangelical, where social conservatism is at play."

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Return of spanking in Missouri school district highlights a lingering and unequal practice

hen Ellen Reddy learned of a predominantly white school district in south-west Missouri that reinstated corporal punishment as a last resort for disciplining students, Reddy, who raised two Black boys and is a grandmother, became upset. Even in modern day US, Black children like her grandchildren are still twice as likely to be beaten in schools than white children.