Show-Me Schmitt For Senate Campaign For Farmer Votes Against Prez Biden & Democrats

The Missouri AG kicks-off his Senate campaign debut with Summer good times.

Like it or not, he'll need votes outside of low density rural areas. 

However . . . Missouri right-wing suburban voters tend to identify with farmers even as locals work diligently to ignore that China is buying up a great deal of American farm land

Meanwhile, we think hottie Marissa and her more honest appeal to sheep is more interesting. 

Anyhoo . . . Here's a glimpse at the pitch . . .

Schmitt’s new ad, titled “Wrong for Farmers,” was released this week during the Missouri State Fair, the largest gathering of members of the agricultural community in the state.

The ad depicts a dark screen, in which a narrator criticizes Busch Valentine’s support of President Joe Biden, as well some of President Biden’s recent legislation regarding energy policy, the environment and inflation.

The ad ends with the narrator claiming that Trudy Busch Valentine and Joe Biden are wrong for farmers and the state of Missouri. Schmitt himself does not appear in the ad, with the exception of his message of approval at the very end.

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Schmitt strikes first with general election campaign ad - The Missouri Times

Jefferson City, Mo. - Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt has released his first radio and television ad since he won the Republican nomination for soon-to-retire Roy Blunt's Senate seat Aug 2. Schmitt beat out Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler and former Gov. Eric Greitens in his primary bid, winning by 23 points.

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