Show-Me Missouri Town Mistaking Albino Dude For Vampire

Once again we share our love for local history with our blog community . . .

Sadly, this story isn't as funny as the legend of the Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog.

Instead we find proof that not so long ago . . . Missouri was so intolerant that white people even hated white people. 

Here's a bit of background . . .

To start, no one seems to know what this vampire’s name is, only that he was a Hungarian miner. He is buried in Gibson Cemetery in what is to be believed to have been 1913-1920.

This grave is set far away from his neighbor’s graves and framed with an iron cage to keep the vampire from rising from his grave again.

Of course the "punchline" is that the guy merely suffered from albinism in the days before sunscreen was invented and townsfolk did their best to make his life even harder.

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The one time Missouri had a vampire, turns out it was an albino man

PARK HILLS, Mo. - Like any good legend, this story is full of lore, mixed accounts, and a little pinch of faith. Mix it all and you get a town legend. This one happens to be the Vampire of Gibson Cemetery.