Show-Me Legal Weed In 2023?!?

The drug war proved ineffective at convincing the public about the dangers of marijuana -- Mostly because it's basically harmless, has some minor medicinal qualities and, (no matter what the D.A.R.E. Officer at your school said) the average user doesn't succumb to partaking in weed as an addictive gateway only to end up giving BJ's in parking lots for stronger stuff. 

This battle in the drug war is lost and it wasn't because of lack of funding or so many years stolen from the populace in jail. In the end, people decided that they did not want to be governed by archaic drug laws and now the rules slowly falling away.

Again . . . For most people this isn't a big deal. 

Weed is more widely available than bubble gum proving laws against the substance are pointless. Officials concerned about widespread use might want to focus their efforts on preventing addiction and abuse.

What's strange is that the transition to an "open" state for weed might come quickly. 

Here's one example . . .

"It took about two years to get medical marijuana dispensaries open in Missouri after the measure was approved by voters in 2018. With the industry already in place, recreational sales would likely start much quicker after ironing out some legislation."

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KC dispensaries cheer for marijuana legalization being placed on ballot

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Missouri Secretary of State's Office announced Tuesday it had certified more than 214,000 voter signatures as valid, enough to put marijuana legalization on the ballot. "DMVs grocery stores anywhere where we were allowed to address the public and inform them about the initiative we had people there.

Some cannabis advocates not on board with Amendment 3: Legal Missouri 2022

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Missouri voters will decide whether or not to legalize recreational marijuana in November. This comes after Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft's office announced Tuesday a petition seeking to expand marijuana use and expunge cannabis-related criminal records was deemed sufficient.

Medical dispensaries are ready, and have a leg up, if marijuana is fully legalized in Missouri

New ballot language could legalize recreational marijuana in Missouri.It's on the ballot for voters to decide in November. In North Kansas City, a dispensary, BesaMe Wellness, already has a medical license.

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