Show-Me Kansas City Politicos Already Losing Police Funding Vote

This quick inside baseball note offers a glimpse at KCMO pouting over an inevitable defeat in favor of more police cash.

Check-it . . .

In a letter sent to Ashcroft Thursday, Andrew Dulberg, an attorney for the city, wrote that a constitutional amendment that would allow Missouri to force Kansas City to spend more on police would hurt the city financially.

The letter rebuts a financial summary note attached to the ballot question that states that it would have no impact on the city. The letter illustrates the strained relationship between Kansas City and Missouri officials over a push by the GOP-controlled Missouri General Assembly to assert more control over how the city funds its police.

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'A lie': Kansas City officials say KCPD ballot measure wrongly says it won't cost city

Kansas City officials this week criticized Missouri Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft's office for publishing what they called "inaccurate, insufficient, and unfair" information about an upcoming ballot question's financial impact on the city.