Show-Me Guv Parson EPIC $700 MILLION Tax Cut Special Session Coming Soon

Possibly a benefit of the GOP Super-Majority for the plebs . . . If the Republicans can stop slap-fighting amongst themselves in pursuit of social media love.

Here are the basics . . .

The plan would reduce the individual income tax rate from 5.3% to 4.8%, increase the standard deduction by $2,000 and $4,000 for single and joint filers, and simplify the state tax code by eliminating the bottom tax bracket.

“We can afford to give the people of Missouri the largest tax cut in our state’s history, which means money and everyday people’s pockets,” Parson said previously. “If you draw a paycheck, you’re going to benefit from this tax cut.”

According to the proposal, every Missourian would not be taxed on their first $16,000 in earnings. Married joint filers would not be taxed on their first $32,000 in earnings. The changes to the tax code and rate would cost the state an estimated $700 million.

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Missouri Gov. Parson announces start of special session, tax cut plan

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. - Missouri Gov. Mike Parson is calling for a special session of the General Assembly to take up the issue of using the state's surplus for a tax cut.

Parson hopes for permanent $700 million tax cut - ABC17NEWS

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (KMIZ) Missouri Gov. Mike Parson will bring legislators back to the Capitol after Labor Day to take up more than $700 million in annual income tax cuts. Parson gave details about his call for a special session during a news conference in his office Monday.

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