Sharing Kansas City Bike/Walk Urbanist Propaganda By The Numbers

Or . . . Let's call this a fall fashion tip.

For grown men in their 30s who want to rebrand themselves and kinder/gentler souls and maybe get in line for some of that sketchy federal transit cash . . . Here are the requirements. 

- Unnecessary glasses with slightly-tinted frames. 

- A man bag. 

- Bike rack on SUV.

- Multicolored array of North face vests

- Habitual & supportive retweet of some recently divorced broad who REALLY hates men now. 

But the fun doesn't stop there . . .

Real Kansas City "urbanists" 🤮 must memorize their jargon. 

Let's start with a bit of civic FAIL that we can agree upon and then move from there . . .

The city’s backlog of sidewalk repairs isn’t just time-consuming—it’s costly. There’s currently $150 million allocated for a $1 billion backlog.

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