Rizzo Beats Bunch For Public Safety Support

With elections quickly approaching next year . . . Kansas City Autumn endorsement season is underway and it seems that the the 4th District incumbent is falling behind one of his strongest challengers.

Here's a glimpse at two important developments . . .

Longtime local leader Henry Rizzo has effectively split the firefighter endorsement and now KCFD Chief Officers union IAFF Local 3808 is going to support the Northeast leader.

Even more interestingly . . .

Former KCPD Chief Jim Corwin has given his support to Rizzo which signals that more police leaders and organizations are likely to follow suit. 

That makes sense that councilman Bunch was one of the most outspoken critics of the KCPD and even openly demanded the resignation of the former Chief

To be fair . . . Councilman Bunch remains popular in some sections of midtown HOWEVER following recent redistricting the 4th District now extends further North across the river and South into more conservative sections of the corridor wherein antipathy toward police doesn't run so deep. 

Developing . . .