Report: Dude Shoots (Former) Girlfriend For Egging His Car

Linked this story because it offers a glimpse of the NEXTGEN out of control.

Also . . . For those in or out of a relationship . . .This one will PROBABLY make most readers feel better about their circumstances.

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During her police interview, the woman said she had gone to a parking lot earlier that day and thrown eggs at the car. She said she could tell there were still eggs on the side of the vehicle as gunfire came from a rolled-down passenger window.

Police reviewed surveillance footage from the area that confirmed the woman’s account, according to charging documents filed in the case.

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Kansas City man accused of shooting at girlfriend after she egged his car: court records

A Kansas City man was arrested and charged this week with three felonies for allegedly firing a gun from a moving car at his girlfriend as they were arguing about her possibly being pregnant with his child, according to court papers.