Raymore Police Hold Seniors At Gunpoint

This scary testimony from near the metro area features a glimpse at how quickly things can go south on local streets.

Check a close call that had these innocent old timers scared for their lives . . .

“All of sudden there is a bunch of guns on me, and they told me to get out of the truck,” said John Wilson.

But they were thrust in when they were pulled over and immediately held at gunpoint by Raymore police.

“My heart started racing and I felt like he was going to jump out of my chest,” said Jewel Wilson.

The Wilsons headed to get their son’s car registered, but there was just one issue. The car was stolen just days before. Police found the vehicle and arrested the suspects, but Raytown authorities failed to take the car off the stolen car registry.

So, Raymore police officers approached the stop as a felony traffic stop. But the Wilson’s say this should have never reached this point.

“I’m definitely not a threat, and my husband shouldn’t have been thought of as a threat, and as soon as they saw that, then I think their reaction should change,” said Jewel Wilson.

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Missouri couple mistakenly held at gunpoint by police

RAYMORE, Mo. - A video of a senior couple held at gunpoint by Raymore, Missouri police is going viral with nearly 200,000 views on TikTok. Now multiple police departments are saying it was all a misunderstanding. "I just started praying, I was scared to death holding my dog," said Jewel Wilson who was the passenger while her husband, John Wilson drove.