Post-COVID Staffing Crisis Cuts Hours For Kansas City Restaurants & Robots Can't Help

Sorry . . . But robot tech can only go so far to help local biz stay open. And "new friends" from Central America are typically kept out of sight in order to avoid complications from La Migra.

Meanwhile . . . This report notices more local foodie biz cutting hours and days in order to keep their biz afloat.

Here's the big picture . . .

"While last month saw job numbers continue to grow in the industry, a National Restaurant Association Survey shows half of the restaurant owners they surveyed said finding and keeping enough employees was their biggest challenge in July."

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Going 360: Staffing struggles in the restaurant industry

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Finding help has been hard for several places where we eat and drink in Kansas City. From reduced hours, to closing on certain days, to buying a robot to run food, some restaurants are looking for ways around the staffing shortage.

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