Medical Board Claps Back Against Alleged Sugar Daddy Kansas City Gynecologist

Professional standards of conduct are in question for a local medical pro who purportedly fell far too deeply into his work and a relationship with a patient.

Here's part of the allegations which seemed fishy to colleagues . . .

The relationship ensued, the Board also indicated that the doctor co-signed a lease for Jane and paid rent, paid for her water and electric utility bills, bought her a new Jeep, took her on vacation to Mexico, gave her cash and allowed her to use his credit cards.

As a result of the relationship and its many misgivings, the Board said he violated multiple rules including improper sexual contact that explored a doctor-patient relationship and failure to keep proper medical records.

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Kansas City gynecologist has lost his license after relationship with patient

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - A Kansas City gynecologist has lost his medical license after it was found he maintained a relationship with a patient and failed to keep proper medical records as he continued to see her as a patient.