Mayo Pete Powers Missouri EV Future

Electric car infrastructure is a priority of the new administration given that many Democratic voters mistakenly believe more Teslas will solve the global energy crisis.

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Check this Missouri effort to cure "range anxiety" amongst the fading middle-class who don't have the cash for private planes . . .

U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said the goal was to build a national charging network across the U.S. "where finding a charge is as easy as locating a gas station." It could result in as many as 500,000 EV charging stations nationwide by 2030.

Missouri's plan will spend its first year studying good systems. And while it has identified some "priority locations," private investment could change current plans.

There are a relatively small number of electric vehicles registered in Missouri. According to the draft, 6,740 all-electric vehicles were on the road as of June 2021, representing less than 1% of all vehicles registered in the state.

While this is currently a nominal percentage of the fleet, existing projections indicate an anticipated growth to 5.02% of the overall registered vehicle fleet being electric in Missouri by 2035, the draft says.

According to the draft, there are 22 publicly accessible EV charging stations along Missouri's interstate corridors, but more are currently in the pipeline.

The plan calls for using the federal money to close the gaps between the existing stations to no more than 50 miles.

As an example, the draft calls for building a charging station in Concordia, between Columbia and Kansas City on Interstate 70.

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Missouri to Spend $100M on Developing EV Charging Stations

(TNS) - Missouri transportation officials are preparing to spend more than $100 million on electric vehicle charging stations as part of a national plan to boost the number of battery-powered cars and trucks on the road.