Local Dude's Lawsuit Seyz Mean Tweets Sparked KCPD Retaliation

A negative interaction over social media following a nearby home break-in set the stage for the latest complaint against KCPD.

Here's the start of the story . . .

"Daniel Fox alleges that police refused to investigate a break-in next door to his house and later intimidated him into deleting a Twitter post critical of the police's alleged inaction."

There's a lot more to unpack here but, like it or not, this legal complaint over police reaction offers a glimpse at tragically mixed feelings about law enforcement amongst the local electorate. 

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Kansas City Police won't respond to calls as retaliation against DeValkenaere verdict, lawsuit says

In the early morning hours of July 15, Daniel Fox heard a loud noise coming from his neighbor's house on 53 rd and Rockhill Road. When he went outside to investigate, he discovered someone had kicked in the door. Fearful for his family's safety - he has two small children - Fox called the Kansas City Police Department.

Lawsuit: KCPD changed search practices after judge's ruling against ex-detective Eric DeValkenaere

A Kansas City man claims Kansas City, Missouri police have adopted a new policy and practice to not fully investigate or act on crimes on personal property without a warrant, in protest of a recent court decision against former Kansas City police detective Eric DeValkenaere, according to a new lawsuit filed Friday in federal court.Daniel Fox, in the lawsuit, also accuses Kansas City police of intimidating him into deleting a Twitter post critical of the investigation into a break-in next door to his home last month.