Libs Turning Students Into Simps?!?

Given that most online comments come from people who don't have much empathy and rarely display any semblance of so-called emotional intelligence . . . It's unclear if our TKC blog community can learn much from this conversation.


Here's a glimpse at a debate that might be valuable for a culture that's mostly comprised of boisterous blurting, public shaming and then heartfelt apologies . . . Ad infinitum.

"Educators tout social-emotional learning as a way to make children into better students and more empathetic people. Critics see it as a way to push social justice issues."

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Research shows social-emotional learning in schools pays off, but conservatives see a liberal agenda

WICHITA, Kansas - On the first day of school at Enterprise Elementary, Kasey Curmode gathered her second-graders on the carpet and posed a question: "What makes a good classmate?" Someone who shares, one student said. Someone who says, 'You're really nice,' said another child, or 'You can do it!'