KCPS Demands Development Money Deets

Sorry there's not "good guy" in this story. 

Taxpayers know all-too-well that KCPS is now RICH with cash infusions following property tax increases and COVID relief money. 

Nevertheless . . . 

School leaders know that most locals don't understand how schools are funded and so they're using the bully pulpit against the beleaguered KCATA.

A quick summary . . .

KCPS has long been concerned with the ways developers use property tax incentives.

In 2021, public schools within KCPS boundaries — including charter schools — lost $37 million because of tax incentives. That amounts to 23% of the property tax revenue the schools collect.

Sadly this stat would be more convincing if the KCPS wasn't such an abysmal failure which has inspired parents to give up on the institution and move out of town at a rate that has shifted the course of the entire metro area.

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Transit agency's silence on tax incentive projects frustrates KC Public Schools

During his last weeks with Kansas City Public Schools, then-Superintendent Mark Bedell pushed for the district to have more input into development projects from the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA)..