Kansas Teachers Denounce 'Back To Brownback' AG Schmidt & Support Guv Kelly

Today's life lesson . . . Kansas teachers echo talking points that far more clever and well paid people devised earlier this year.

Here's the word from a prog blog that saves us from a Twitter doom scroll . . .

"Democrats argue that Schmidt was complicit in Brownback’s so-called tax experiment and its damaging impact on government functions, including public education. As the attorney general, Schmidt was responsible for defending plans that violated the state constitution’s requirement for adequate and equitable spending on public schools."

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Kansas educators recall pain of Brownback era, urge support for Gov. Laura Kelly - Kansas Reflector

TOPEKA - Charrica Osborne remembers spending up to $800 of her own money every year on classroom supplies for her students at a Wichita public school as funding eroded under former Gov. Sam Brownback. Osborne had three children in school and was still paying off student loans for her master's degree.