Kansas Teacher Earns $95K Payday After Pronoun Dispute Infringes On Religious Rights

Turnabout is fair play and this Sunflower State teacher earned a bit of coin by challenging public education guidance.

Here's the word . . .

A math teacher at the For Riley Middle School in Kansas, sued the Geary County School District after she was suspended in April 2021 arguing the punishment infringed on her rights of religious freedom.

Earlier this week, it emerged she'd settled her case, with Geary School District also agreeing to pay her attorney's fees.

The teacher was reprimanded and suspended for three days after she referred to a biologically female student as 'miss' to avoid using the student's preferred first name after Picard was told that the student used he/him pronouns.

 Though the school had previously issued 'diversity and equity' trainings and directed teachers to refer to students by preferred names and pronouns,- a devout Christian - the teacher felt it the requirement violated her religious beliefs.

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Kansas district settles dispute with Christian teacher over transgender pronouns for $95,000

A Kansas school district has agreed to pay $95,000 to settle a lawsuit filed by a teacher who ran afoul of policies requiring her to use a student's preferred name and pronouns and conceal a student's gender transition from parents.