Kansas City Would Rather Telework

The information economy is taking hold and that's part of the reason the service jobs are starting to become harder to fill. 

It's silly to believe that everyone is at home collecting welfare . . . That's only half true at best. Also, deriding teleworkers overlooks that so many corporate gigs are merely b.s. jobs wherein personal politics and clever e-mails substitute for career achievements ore anything remotely resembling creativity. 

Example . . . What did well-paid JoCo middle-managers at Sprint do for all of those years when their biz was slowly imploding??? 

Answer: Fancy lunch.

Nowadays . . . 

Quite a few workers are striving to work information jobs as so much of what we do as as society now revolves around online interactions. 

In the end, as our readers have pointed out . . . Places that offer a good working environment and competitive wages aren't going to have too many problems . . . But we're learning that those jobs are few and far between.

Here's a note confirming the trend . . .

Staffing experts believe employers aren’t seeing the quality applicants they seek. Amy Tevis, who manages Kansas City-based Syndeo Staffing, said her customers aren’t pleased with the job candidates that are available, and in her experience, as much as 10% of interviewees aren’t showing up for their in-person job interviews.

“If you look at the overall picture, we don’t want to get discouraged because there are people out there and they are responding, but we’ve certainly tried to keep up with the times as far as the shift we continually see,” Tevis said on Friday.

Count Tevis among those who believe remote jobs may be causing these numbers to skew, since some people are working form home and those numbers may not show up in statewide totals.

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