Kansas City West Plaza Neighbors Hate AirBnB Despite Party Crackdown

Here's a peek at the renewed effort to manage tech "disruption" that has turned nearly every local neighborhood into a de facto hotel district.

As signs of protest go up in West Plaza, check this assurance from the billion dollar company that just started making a profit . . .

Airbnb previously said that it’s seen a 44 percent year-over-year drop in the amount of party reports after rolling out its party ban in August 2020. In total, it says it suspended the accounts of around 6,600 guests for violating its anti-party rules in 2021, compared to the roughly 150 million total users that Airbnb has on its platform.

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Airbnb is rolling out 'new anti-party technology' in North America

Airbnb is testing new "anti-party technology" in the US and Canada as it attempts to enforce a global ban on house parties it made permanent earlier this year, the company has announced.

Some Kansas City residents fed up with short-term rentals, house parties

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Some Kansas City residents are speaking up: They don't want short-term rentals in their neighborhoods any longer. If you drive in the West Plaza area, yard signs have been popping up. Amrita Burdick has called the West Plaza area home for nearly 40 years.

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