Kansas City Vintage Shop Owners Help Find Perfect Sizes For Thick Hipsters

We talked about an upbeat trend recently . . . Basically, there's a welcomed move away from fast fashion and luxury brands as more locals get into thrift-ing and looking for unique finds for low prices during harsh times. 

Unfortunately . . . The middle-class are attempting to ruin this pastime as well. 

However . . . 

The fun part is that old clothes are invariably smaller as American waistlines have expanded over the years.

Here's a peek at the pricey but still fun solution . . .

"Focuses on finding consumers the perfect fit, because sizing from previous decades often differs from modern clothes. Buyers can choose from affordable options or rare finds, often costing thousands."

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Store owners say Kansas City's vintage clothing scene is 'definitely hoppin''

Younger generations are bringing back fashion from decades past. Whether people want unique pieces or sustainable shopping, the vintage apparel scene is booming and Kansas City is taking part. Kansas Citians enjoy a wide selection of vintage clothing options. Steve Kraske spoke with the owners of two local vintage stores: WyCo Vintage and Daisy Lee Vintage.