Kansas City Teacher Jobs Stay Losing Money

Here's a quick bit of guidance which reveals that one of the most "rewarding" professions isn't really worth it according to the numbers.

Check the data and notice that we're not really undergoing "the great resignation" but more like "the great reshuffle" as workers switch careers and traditional entry level jobs or work on the lower end of the pay scale struggles to find replacements . . .

Historically, teachers' pay is a rather contentious topic. The average teacher salary is about $2,000 less than a decade ago after adjusting for inflation . . . Stacker compiled a list of the highest and lowest paying education jobs in Kansas City, MO-KS using data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Jobs are ranked by 2021 annual mean wage. Keep reading to discover the highest and lowest paying education jobs in your city.

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Highest and lowest paying education jobs in Kansas City

Whether you picture hard-working teachers buying school supplies for their students or genius professors shaping future leaders, it's fair to say education encompasses a wide variety of jobs. So much so that there's room to specialize and pursue your passion.