Kansas City Suffers 2022 Heave Wave Public Pool FAIL

The implication by our friends in public radio is that KCMO might be discriminating against urban swimmers. The abundance of inner city cooling centers disproves this myth. 

Meanwhile . . . Nobody bothers to ask why so much cash is going to unused bike lanes. 

Here's the money line . . . 

"While oppressive heat swept through the metro over the weekend, there were fewer places for people to cool off. The city closed four pools on July 31."

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As heat waves persist, most public pools in Kansas City, Missouri, are closed

Blanca Henrriques, her husband, three small children and a few other family members packed into their SUV on Sunday and drove to Budd Park Pool in northeast Kansas City - only to find the pool was vacant and drained. It closed, along with three other public pools in Kansas City, Missouri, on July 31.