Kansas City Royals Fans Suffer Second Helping Of BBQ Reese's Sandwich Shame

Given that there's really no sign of hope for the home team in 2022, baseball fans are back to talking about the sketchy food at the K.

Here's a regurgitated story that social media wants us to swallow back down . . .

This sandwich was released before Opening Day. Still, (social media) has brought attention to the matter four months after the fact.

Kansas City has earned the status as one of the premier barbecue cities in the nation. But this monstrosity is questionable at the very least. I imagine many Kansas City barbecue aficionados would not claim a sandwich with Reese’s Cups and bacon for their city.

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LOOK: Viral Photo Shows Kansas City Royals' Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich with Reese's Cups and Bacon

A tweet went viral this morning featuring a unique BBQ sandwich from the Kansas City Royals. The team has had it for sale this season at Kaufmann Stadium. Not only does it have pulled pork and Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce - this sandwich also has miniature Reese's Cups and bacon on it.

Social media reacts to Royals' BBQ Reese's Peanut Butter Cup sandwich

Ballpark food can get very experimental at times and the latest sandwich from the Kansas City Royals is making a lot of people question their sanity. As revealed by Kari Steele from ABC 15 in Phoenix, the Royals are going to have a "BBQ Reese's Sandwich."

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