Kansas City Retail Comeback Delayed By Cont'd COVID Staffing Crisis

We're not REALLY sure there's a retail comeback.

However . . . 

Since COVID it's a reality that NOBODY has any patience to work crappy jobs.

Here's one example out of many . . .

How is the retail sector faring in the Kansas City market today?

Daniel Brocato: Retail has bounced back. It is almost better than pre-pandemic levels. The biggest issue that retailers are facing is employing people to work for them. There is so much demand for people to work at these jobs that they are facing a lot of competition for employees. That is making it more difficult for retailers to open and operate as many locations as they might want.

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More creative than ever: Retailers embracing big changes to keep the business flowing

Curbside pick-up. Smaller footprints. Consolidating locations. Filling big-box space that is selling at a discount. An unquenchable desire for drive-thru locations. Swarms of food trucks. Retailers are embracing all of these strategies - and more - to keep business strong in a post-pandemic world. So far? These changes are paying off.