Kansas City Ranks Amongst 'Surprising' List Of Deadliest U.S. Places

As our cowtown homicide count continues to confront a historic spike . . . Sadly, KCMO begins to earn national recognition as a "surprisingly" violent U.S. town.

Check this worthwhile passage from a recent report . . .

"A compilation of police data for the month of June from cities with populations of more than 200,000 was put together and the top 31 American cities with the highest murder rates might surprise you . . .  More light needs to be put on other cities in the South and Midwest instead of the usual ones that make headlines. The murder numbers per capita in other cities, like Birmingham, Alabama, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Cleveland, Rochester, New York, and Atlanta, for example, are higher or comparable to the more publicized cities."

We checked the data this post provides and KICK-ASS TKC READERS noticed KC in the midst of the fray of increasingly violent Midwestern cities.

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The city with the highest per capita murder rate may not be the one you think

What is the first city that comes to mind when you think of the city with the highest murder rate? For me, it's Chicago. The cities that frequently make the news due to high murder rates and other violent crimes usually include Chicago, New York City, Baltimore, and Philadelphia.