Kansas City Police Staff Shortage Crisis Cont'd Ahead Of 100 Homicides

So far in 2022 we haven't seen many proposed solutions to the ongoing KCMO homicide count disaster. 

Instead . . . Politicos are attempting to shift attention as election season approaches and yet another debate about police funding is underway behind the scenes.

However . . .

The problem persists according to this recent report . . .

"The Kansas City Police Department is operating with 100 fewer non-law enforcement roles filled — including 911 dispatchers — and 200 fewer officers, CNN reported. Among other effects, the result has meant longer wait times at 911 call centers."

Read more via www.TonysKansasCity.com link . . .

Police departments struggle with staffing shortages

Police departments across the country are facing severe staffing shortages as they struggle to recruit and retain officers, and many departments have been forced to find new ways to fill the gaps. Why it matters: The shortages have coincided with a spike in crime across the nation.