Kansas City Pay-To-Park Tactics KILLING River Market Small Biz

For years 12th & Oak interference and a collection of worthless managers have mismanaged a historic local resource.

Here's the latest chapter in their efforts to chase any organic local biz activity away . . . For an extra laugh, if readers extrapolate this hot mess . . . I'm sure we could blame Vlad & the Russkies for it as well . . .

City Market Manager Paula Stocker says there’s been a bit less local tourism, attributing it to the state of the economy. She believes factors include previous COVID tourism by car travel, people watching their budgets and sweltering days falling on market weekends.

Farmers like Mike McFarland say the city of Kansas City, Missouri’s, new pay-to-park isn’t doing him any favors, either.

“When you start charging people to park, they’re going to go to the free market instead of here,” he said.

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'I'd like to see it go back to the way it was': Less local tourism affecting farmer's profit at City Market

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Sunday marks the start of National Farmers Market Week. Farmers like Mike McFarland are hopeful Kansas Citians will show support by visiting the City Market. "The idea of planting it, watching it grow, produce something you can eat yourself or sell," said McFarland of McFarland Plants and Vegetables.